Why You Need to Use Pinterest Analytics for Your Business

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May 17, 2017
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What you will learn

  • Types of Pinterest Analytics
  • How to use Pinterest Analytics
  • Top 12 Pinterest Analytics and Marketing Tools
  • Pinterest Analytics: Grow your business through insights
  • How to Understand & Use Pinterest Analytics

Lets begin

There was no better phrase (besides “snow day”) to hear as a child in elementary school than “We’re going to play a game!” However, this joy was usually quickly erased when your teacher followed up with the ominous “A fun math game!”

For many users of Pinterest, this is probably how they feel when they hear Pinterest Analytics. It’s all fun and games until somebody whispers the word ‘analytics.’ But Pinterest Analytics will bring you closer to your business goals—and what’s more fun than delivering good news to your boss or client? Pinterest Analytics helps you “learn what Pinners want and change the way you do business,” which are key pieces of information you need to drive your Pinterest strategy for your business.

To help you get the most out of Pinterest Analytics for business, we put together the following guide.

Types of Pinterest Analytics

For your brand’s Pinterest presence, there are specific areas you can measure to determine how your posts are performing and ultimately impacting your bottom line.

Pinterest’s analytics tool is divided into three areas: your Pinterest profile analytics (how the content of your actual Pinterest boards and pins are doing), your audience analytics (demographics) and your Pinterest website analytics (to see what content from your website is being pinned). While overlaps exist, there are different metrics to track for each of the analytics sections, as outlined below.

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Pinterest profile analytics

  • Impressions: the amount of times your Pin showed up in the Home Feed, search results, and category areas
  • Repins: the number of times your Pin has been saved to somebody else’s board
  • Clicks: the number of times someone clicks through to your website through a Pin)
  • All-time stats: top Pins from the last 30 days, Pins with high repins, Pins with high clicks, your best Pins of all time, etc.

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